Where to Care for Your Hair (Taipei Edition)


“Wow, Other Foreign Expat, where’d you get that rockin’ hairdo?”

“Oh, I go to Eddie.”

Eddie and I after one of my many haircuts

Real conversation from around the time where I moved to Taiwan, though Other Foreign Friend can be replaced with many names. At least three of my gal friends would get their hair done at Eddie’s Picahair salon, and though now all but one has moved away. I also frequent Eddie’s salon.

Eddie and I after my most recent haircut

Picahair is a great place because for a little around 1,000 NTD (30 USD), you can get a nice shampoo with scalp massage, fantastic English conversation, and of course, a haircut. Eddie speaks great English and loves to chat. I’ve always been satisfied with his work, even though his shop is a little pricy compared to what I payed in the states. Ah, well. You make a lot of money as an English teacher, after all!

Hair shampooing station in the shop


Eddie is located near the intersection of the brown and blue lines, Zhongxiao Fuxing, almost across from the big white Sogo (not the green one). Go out of exit three if you take the MRT. It may take you a bit to find him because he’s on the third floor, so look at the different signs hanging from the shops. Look for Picahair Salon. His shop opens at 10am every day except Sunday. Saturdays are busy.

3F, No 76, Sec 4, Zhongziao E rd, Daan District, Taipei 106

Phone: 0932-322-843. You can text him as well.

Eddie only does hair by appointment, so make sure you make one before you go!

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