Wendell’s German (“We’re Out of That”) Bakery, Taiwan

Wendell’s German bakery, Taiwan

Overall view, but the place is pretty big, with a hallway between large rooms.

This time I was actually at the restaurant while I wrote the review, so it should be accurate to memory, at the very least. My first impression was unimpressed. Half of the things I wanted to order were seasonal, the other half were for lunch only, so I came back three hours later. I ordered the brought worst (the meat craving I get in this country is sizeable). I tried to order a beer. Again, they were out. I tried another drink. Out. Finally, they had eggnog. When I ordered desert, the same thing happened. Their selection of drink and food are both pretty vast, if they actually had anything on the menu. This doesn’t set a good first impression at all.

After I ordered, I immediately received a still-hot fresh baked bread basket. The butter in the basket looked like cheap unsalted stuff, but actually it’s rather creamy, and the breads were good. One had fruit, another two had nuts in it, and one was plain fresh white. I love bread, so this was an excellent touch. To be fair, the food is really good, too. The brought worst was delicious and pretty mild- not too salty or overly-flavourful. The sour kraut tasted like it probably came from a can, so if you’re picky about that be warned. I’m not picky about that at all. The mustard was regular American yellow mustard. The mashed potatoes were the best I’ve had in Taipei so far- just perfectly salty. No peels inside, so I’m not sure if it’s peeled or just not fresh-made. It didn’t seem liked boxed stuff, though.

I ordered the berry pizza for desert, though I would have preferred the apricot almond one that they were out of or simply didn’t have. The waitress I was talking to didn’t speak English (but a lot of the staff did. More importantly, they are friendly- they were even friendly when I was getting frustrated about their lack of products). It was a very delicious and tart desert! It’s about the size of a medium pizza in Taiwan.


I’m exited about this because it’s rare in Taiwan: this establishment takes credit cards! However, though their menu is really cool, the fact that they are out of practically everything mid-way through the week at lunch time made me pretty sour. I tried this place in February of 2017, so I’ll update if I ever go again.



  1. Half the stuff I wanted to order was out at lunch in the middle of the week.
  2. Not necessarily authentic but good food.



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