Elephant #9, Karon Beach, Review

Like many of the places in this area of Phunket, this restaurant was Trip Advisor suggested. That doesn’t necessarily mean you should go there, but in my opinion, this place was safe. I got sick on the food a lot in Thailand, but never here. I tried the pineapple stuffed with seafood and the lobster. The drink pictured below is a kiwi smoothie, though I can’t remember what my travel partner ordered. Something with coffee, I’m sure. I think the smoothie glass is pretty humorous. It even had a navel.


The lobster was very rich, and the seafood glaze was to die for! I really loved these dishes. But the place was deserted almost all the time. To be fair, there was only one place that was packed most of the time, and everything else did fairly unsteady business. Also, this was quite a bit up the street, and past the temple and day market. Much fewer tourists ventured out this way.


Could you find this food elsewhere nearer the boardwalk? I don’t remember seeing these exact dishes anywhere else, but I’m sure you could find it, or something similar. There’s tons of restaurants all serving Thai and  Western food in equal measure, all competing with one another.


As for service, it was just like everywhere else. They know that you are the lifeblood of the restaurant, so they cater to your needs and serve you strong drinks. They are friendly, and they speak some English- enough to take your order. They are not helicopters that wait around for you all the time, so don’t be shy to call the waiter or waitress over anytime you want anything. I would say the service here was maybe slightly above par to other restaurants.


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