A Belgian Flee Market (and Tintin, If You’re Into That Kind of Thing).

A Belgian Flee Market


This is technically part of the Tintin walk, but there’s also a lot of interesting interviews linked inside. I hope you enjoy this little piece of amateur anthropology! It was definitely one of the most interesting things I got to do in Belgium and I really encourage others to check out this market! You’ll meet some interesting people there, and maybe find a deal or two. This is a great depot if you like African art as well. As explained in the interview here, plenty of people take art from Africa directly to sell in flee markets like this.

That isn’t the only way that interesting objects find their way into the market, though. I was fortunate enough to make a walk around here with Bernie, who buys and sells collectables. He was very busy of course, but consented to an interview as long as I would follow him around as he made a last pass through the market on his way to work.


So What Did You Say About Tintin?

In the comics (and subsequently in the movie), Tintin visits a market in Brussels where he buys a beautiful replica ship of the Unicorn. He then unravels the mystery inside and it leads him on a grand adventure, as always! That market is the very one I was standing in that day, and that you can visit, too! A fun fact, in the movie, you can see Hergé (or, Georges Prosper Remi, author and illustrator of these comics) in the beginning, drawing a caricature of Tintin that looks exactly like… well, Tintin. In the comics, of course. According to many of the sellers I talked to here, it doesn’t seem a hot spot for Tintin fans, though, who probably prefer the Musée Hergé or even Château de Cheverny.

This French to English translated interview is the only one I took that mentioned Tintin, and though the sweet lady selling her china here knew the story well, she remarked that it wasn’t popular for tourists. I personally saw very few tourists myself.

Other than books, there isn’t a huge amalgam of Tintin merchandise to be had, but you can purchase DVDs and books cheap here if you speak or read French or Dutch. Most of the copies available were in French.


I would like to thank once again everyone who let this strange American girl interview them or their wares for this blog post. I had a great time at the market! I would also like to thank the small following I’ve managed to obtain. Thanks for subscribing!!

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