The McKamey Manor Halloween Scare! (Beware, Here Be Clowns).


“But Rae, it’s already Halloween now!” you say? That’s okay. McKamey Manor is open year-round! I know just the photographer image-bank to send you too, as well! Feast your eyes on the horror of Mark Rollerson’s photography!


McKamey Manor is located in San Diego, near the convention center and gas-lap district, making it convenient for a couple of Left 4 Dead Comic-Con cosplayers such as ourselves to make their way through. This haunted house is more of a zombie horror house, honestly. We went during comic con (yes, it was packed), because lovely Mike Rollerston, who took all of these fantastic zombie photos, was kind enough to give us a photo shoot, then free tickets. I’m not sure the ticket price, and during Halloween you have to make a reservation.


There are also some rules inside the manor. A quick tour around their website will tell you they only accept guests 21 or older (this is most likely new, because I believe I was twenty that year). You may not touch the actors of course, but unfortunetly the actors CAN touch you! When I went, there were several rooms, most of which were themed. My favorites were the doctor room, and a room where it was extremely difficult to find the exit in the dim light. Now, it seems that the tour is much lingers and much more intense, but it could simply be the season. There’s not much else to say except “Go there! Have a spooky time!”


If you hate clowns, bring an unaffected friend- I happily guided my eyes-glued-shut friend through that particular part of the attraction. I’m not sure how much they change, but judging by photos over of this attraction, they seem to switch and fiddle each year.

Spoiler alert!

If you don’t want a nasty surprise, don’t hang out at the bottom of the stairs when you exit the haunted house. The last thing you have to do before leaving is pass through a zombie chain saw man. My friend and I stuck around to take a hilarious photo of a zombie sign. Suddenly, right behind us, the noise and fumes of a chain saw reached me. We bolted up the stairs without further ado, followed by the chainsaw zombie, until we reached the daylight, where an aquantance who had waited outside laughed her butt off at us. If you hang out at the bottom, you will be chased!


Special thank you to Mike Rollerson for tickets and pictures! You are the best, man!

Your Spooky Halloween Adventures?

Have you ever been to a haunted mansion? Was it much like a carnival, or actually terrifying?


 Check out Mike Rollerson’s photography (some displayed above) to get you in the mood to go to McKamey Manor in San Diego for Halloween! Reservations required at Halloween time, but open year-round.

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